"We've had First Steps services, provided by Accord, for approximately two years. We started with Jill (DT) which was a dream come true. I have a son with disabilities, who at times wasn't the easiest to work with, but Jill has patience I could only dream of having. I watched her work with my son and she taught him skills that I was worried he may never learn. Then about a year later our Service Coordinator helped us add occupational therapy. I wondered at first what Debbie could do that Jill wasn't already doing. I found that Debbie (OT) covers a whole new area of things to work with your child that I had never considered. Carol, our service coordinator, helped us with a plan and we were fortunate enough to get Jill and Debbie as therapists and they made quite a team. I understand but really hate that services end at age three. I will feel lost without them. To anyone that has a chance to use First Steps services from Accord, please do. You will see your child succeed in areas you never imagined and they will guide and assist you as a parent as well." 

                                                                                                                                                                                  Amber- Hope, IN 

"Pat On The Back"   Awarded to Deb Miller from Central Indiana First Steps

"This certificate is awarded in recognition of being very thorough and giving 110% towards helping our son with his physical needs. Debbie has explained things so well and made sure that we have a clear understanding of my son's situation and how he will benefit from early therapy. Her encouraging words help. 

                                                                                                                                                                                Jennifer- Greenwood, IN


"I vividly remember​​ our first session with Deb...  She took my little one born with Down Syndrome,  my little one with many medical issues and developmental issues, she took him and bounced him on her knee and sang a lullaby.  She was the first of many "Professionals" that spent time with him, to treat him like a baby, a precious baby. She reminded me that while he may have "set backs,"  he deserves all the love that we can give him.  Deb helped me that day to be a better Mom and in the next three years, taught my little boy to eat by mouth, to drink from a sippy cup, and to feed himself.  These lessons I will hold dear to me forever!!!"

                                                                                                                                                                Diane- Greenwood, IN

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